Our Farm

We are local farmers who grow your medicine. In order to offer a pure product to patients, we never use harmful chemicals on our plants. We offer a broad array of cannabis strains geared to address illnesses and injuries. We are proud to have one of the first hydroponic growing systems in Oklahoma.


Our Products

Growing our own product means it never leaves our hands from start to finish. Sage Farms ensures the highest quality cannabis and cannabis related products. Our goal is to help each patient find the right product at the right price. We take pride in being efficient, informative and professional.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an alternative, healthy and natural way of healing without the use of industrialized pharmaceuticals... WHILE creating a positive carbon footprint for our future.

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We built our first greenhouse in 2015. At 26,000 square feet, it has the capability of growing over 65,000 plants. 

Oklahoma Cannabis Market

image8 is for growers and processors to list the products they have available and market it to all the dispensaries across the state. Dispensaries and Processors can sign up to keep tabs on what is available in Oklahoma and what the market price is. We believe this is the best way to define the Oklahoma Cannabis Market, supply and demand.



Ben Neal founded Sage Farms in 2014 after spending 14 years in aerospace manufacturing. After seeing the potential of aeroponic growing and how he could contribute to his community, he designed and manufactured a commercial growing system in a 26,000 sq ft greenhouse. Starting in 2018, we have added Medical Cannabis to our crop list.