-Quality Flower-


All of our flower is sun-grown, organic, slowly-cured and hand crafted. We take pride in being able to offer top quality medicine to patients all across the state of Oklahoma. 

-1 gram Pre-Rolls-


Top Seller!!

Our famous Skunk Prerolls are made with premium flower (never trim), grinded up finely and packed into our personalized #SageFarm 98mm cones.



Kief aka  "Cannabis crystals", refers to the trichomes of cannabis that accumulate in containers or trays  or can be sifted from dry flower with a screen or sieve. 

-Infused Olive Oil-


  Cannabis infused Olive oil is one of the most versatile cooking mediums on the market. It can be used for a multitude of dishes, from hot to cold and even topically! Made with a blend of our Indica buds, this cooking oil will leave you stress free, relaxed and ready for a great night of sleep!! 


-Indica Mint Tincture-


 Our delicious Indica blend tincture is made with organic vegetable glycerin and is safe and easy to use. The perfect blend of our Indica buds gives you a relaxing feeling of euphoria, as you feel your stress/tension melt away and your appetite increase! This all natural remedy is for deep pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, etc. and overall healing for patients to live a healthy lifestyle 

-Sage Fire Tincture-


 Our Sage Fire Tincture is made with olive oil & bursting with cinnamon flavor! This product is discrete, easy to use and very effective. Perfect for patients suffering from anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia and many other illnesses/injuries!